Total: 25
Our tasting panel now have to sip, sniff and swirl around 5000 wines per year. All these wines are scored in their appropriate price categories in order to give wine buyers a guide to the different wines available to ensure best wine and best value for money at that pricepoint.

In March 2020 we reviewed our tastings in detail to see how the wines from the last 5000 wines that we judged scored and the percentages across those tastings are as follows:

97 Points & above: 0%
95-96 Points: 1.6%
93- 94 Points: 4.4 %
90 -92 Points: 6.7%
85 -89 Points: 7.1%
84 Points & Below: 80.2%

As you can see the results are not easily achieved so if a wine does get awarded a higher score it must have earned that in the eyes, or should I say the palate of our tasting panel. After all it is a blind tasting.

All the wineries are awarded certificates for the corresponding wine and many use those and our medals to promote their wines. So, keep an eye out for those when considering a purchase.